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Show Printing

Dog Show Printing

Prices include the following:
Numbering of Entry Forms
Compilation of catalogue from entry forms (no need to sort these) checking the entry for age, sex, breed or variety
Account Reports 

Optional Reports 
By using our up to date database system, this enables us to keep our prices at a very competitive rate. Your total cost is dependent on the number of dogs entered. (It is to your advantage to include prepaid catalogues on the entry form)

Information to be read in conjunction with the Price List 
There is no need to sort the entry forms in any way as the system does its own sort when it numbers the exhibits. Each form is given a reference number which is printed on the Entry Form Report. It is to your advantage (where possible) to forward the entry forms in batches as this enables data input to get started as soon as possible, and it may be added to at any time (or data may be withdrawn). When members lists are required, this should be highlighted on the entry form.

Reports included with Catalogue
Account Report - gives details of all overs/unders, donations etc, plus total of monies received.
Class Entry Report - gives full details of number of entries in each class, allows the information to be sent to judges, helps when considering classification for future shows.
Dog and Entry Report - lists number of dogs and bitched entered.

Judging Books
A4 size. Each form fully headed with the breed, class number, class name and number of entries. Personalised covers with your own club logo on them at no extra cost.

Labels - if required 
Exhibitors address labels are provided for each person who has made an entry (this will assist with the sending of Schedules for the next show)

One entry form is included in every schedule. Schedules can be 4, 8, or 16 pages. 'One page', is a single A5. A proof copy will be available approx two weeks after your copy is received by us.

Catalogues are in multiples of 4 (a catalogue made up from 5x A4 sheets is a 20 page catalogue) Charges are based on the number of dogs entered, number of classes, trophies, Committee, adverts etc. The price includes a coloured cover.

We require approx 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the Show for processing and printing.

Optional extras
Prize Cards - Matt finish A5 or A6
Ring Numbers
Awards Boards

price on application


For further information on prices etc. 
Please call Irene McManus on 01324 631428 
or e-mail:

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